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Immigration Attorney in Miami on Common Paperwork Mistakes

Immigration paperwork

As an immigration attorney in Miami, I am, of course, familiar with the plethora of paperwork that is required for those who apply for employment or citizenship here in the United States. As such, I am also familiar with many of the common paperwork mistakes that applicants make when they file the paperwork themselves. Here are some of them.

Alien status

Not understanding the status of the immigrant can be a critical error for applicants. Unless the immigrant can show that they entered the country legally, they can’t apply adjust their status. As an immigration attorney in Miami, this is one of the most common mistakes that we see.

Forms forms and more forms

It seems that there is nothing that the government likes as much as paperwork. As an immigration attorney in Miami, I can tell you that there are many, many forms involved in immigrating to the United States. However, there may be only one that suits the purpose for which you are filing. File the wrong form, and your application may be delayed or perhaps even rejected altogether. Also, different forms have different fee structures; if you don’t pay correctly, you will get the same results: delay, rejection or denial.

Not filling the forms out properly

All forms that are required to be filled out correctly and entirely. If one of your supporting forms lists a middle name, but you don’t include that in your other forms, this could cause delay or denial. Any immigration attorney in Miami will tell you that they’d be able to retire if they had a nickel for every time that someone forgot to sign their paperwork, sent it to the wrong location or sent in the wrong fees. Outdated forms will also be rejected.

Not seeking help from an Immigration Attorney in Miami

The immigration process in the United States is extremely complex. There is no shame in asking for assistance in navigating the system. In fact, to an immigration attorney in Miami, asking for professional assistance is probably the best advice that they could give. Call the offices of Pozo Goldstein, LLC today at 305-547-8831 to arrange your consultation.