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Marco Rubio Heckled on Immigration

While at a Republican fundraising event, Florida Senator Rubio was heckled by advocates seeking and demanding immigration reform. Rubio, whose parents fled Cuba in the 1950’s, acknowledged that he is from a family of immigrants. Rubio is still reeling from his failed attempt at comprehensive immigration reform. He helped write a bill that passed in the Senate but failed to even be put for a vote in the House. Since then, Rubio has distanced himself from immigration reform, trying to gain supporters he lost during the push for immigration reform.

Either way, if Rubio seeks to achieve bigger and better political ground, he will have to please the conservatives who oppose immigration reform as well as the Latinos who will only come aboard if he supports immigration reform.

Rubio needs to take a stand one way or the other so voters can be informed and know what platform they are voting for.

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