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New Security Procedures at USCIS Field Offices

Currently when a person appears at a USCIS office for immigration business, they are required to pass through a metal detector and are subject to a search of their person or property. Additionally, they must produce valid picture identification.

Starting in May, people will be required to submit their fingerprint when entering USCIS offices throughout the United States. This is known as biometrics. Biometrics is typically required of all people who file applications for benefits under the Immigration and Nationality Act. This can include, but is not limited to, visas; green cards; U.S. citizenship, employment authorization, political asylum, and more. Essentially, any request to the immigration authorities requires that the person requesting submit to biometrics.

This development is yet another tactic in the effort to identify violators of immigration laws who attempt to enter a USCIS facility for any reason. This undoubtedly will increase the wait at the offices so people with appointments are encouraged to leave enough time to arrive promptly for their appointment.

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