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Compliance with Trump Crackdown Could Be Costing Miami-Dade Millions

Undocumented Immigrant

After a threat by President Trump to withhold $300 million in funding, the mayor of Miami-Dade ordered jails within the county to surrender undocumented detainees to federal officials last year. This action was met with protest from advocates for undocumented immigrants and praise from those who support draconian measures for those who have entered or remained in the United States illegally. New research, however, indicates that the county may have paid a steep price for compliance with these regulations.

Increased Costs for Jail Detentions

According to immigration advocates, Miami-Dade County has spent as much as $14 million in additional costs attributable to longer stays in detention for undocumented immigrants before they can be transferred to federal authorities. The report, which was compiled by the Community Justice Project, WeCount!, and the Florida Immigrant Coalition, also alleges that undocumented immigrants were held for 56 days longer than the average stay of individuals arrested in the county.

Mayor Disputing the Claims

According to the office of Miami-Dade Mayor Carlos Gimenez, however, these claims are based on out-of-date information. According to the mayor’s office, undocumented detainees are held for only a week longer than the norm. The county has asked federal authorities to provide reimbursement for these additional costs. To date, however, no arrangement has been reached with the Trump administration.

Seeking Help for Undocumented Immigrants

For many families who are living in the state of Florida, seeking the help of a qualified and experienced Miami immigration lawyer can provide the support needed to avoid issues with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and to remain in the United States legally. Your Miami immigration lawyer can provide you with the most effective representation for your case, allowing you and your family to enjoy greater peace of mind and an improved outlook for your immigration issues.

The legal team at Pozo Goldstein includes a former judge and two former immigration prosecutors. Our high level of expertise and experience can provide you with the right options to resolve your issues quickly and effectively. Give us a call today at 305-856-0400 to schedule your free in-office consultation. We look forward to the chance to help you and your family.

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