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Trump Immigration Plan Could Eliminate 4.6 Million Jobs

A study conducted by the Wharton School found that unintended side effects of the Trump immigration plan, also known as the RAISE Act, could potentially cause 4.6 million jobs to disappear by the year 2040. The RAISE Act proposes to reduce legal immigration to the United States by about half in the next 10 years. If this bill becomes law, many economic experts believe it will result in an overall shrinking of the U.S. economy and reduced growth in many sectors that depend on immigrants for their labor pools. Consulting with a qualified Miami immigration attorney can provide added help for those who may have experienced unjust treatment in the current political climate.

Baby Boomer Retirements Will Cause Labor Shortage

As the baby boomer generation continues to age out of the labor pool, the gaps in the U.S. economy must be filled by skilled and unskilled workers to maintain productivity. Currently, the number of workers in the U.S. is not expected to grow quickly enough to fill these gaps and to allow the economy to continue to expand and grow. By limiting the entrance of even skilled and in-demand immigrants and preventing them from achieving permanent residency, the RAISE Act could have a lasting negative impact not only on major corporations and employers but also on the small business marketplace.

Blocking Entrance to Entrepreneurs

New American Economy found that legal immigrants to the U.S. have been responsible for the creation of millions of small companies. Many of these immigrants would not meet the requirements set forth in the RAISE Act and would thus be denied the chance to pursue their dreams and goals. Since immigrants own more than 50 percent of all grocery stores and about 33 percent of all restaurants, preventing their entrance could potentially eliminate entry-level jobs across the United States.

Unlikely to Pass

Most political analysts believe that the RAISE Act is not viable in its current form and is unlikely to pass. High-ranking Republicans in the Senate have expressed the view that this bill is a starting point for discussion and not the likely form of the finished product.

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