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What a week . . . .

Our website contains a link where we post some of our case results. From time to time, however, comes a week where we have so much success that we blog about it also. This week was one of those periods where Pozo Goldstein positively changed the lives of so many. Here are the highlights of our week:

  • We presented a case for a young lesbian woman from Jamaica who feared returning due to persecution there because of her sexual orientation. This woman was not eligible for any other form of relief from deportation due to a drug trafficking conviction. Despite the conviction, we were able to convince the Immigration Judge and the Government Prosecutor that our client should not be deported.
  • We represented a woman who was accused of committing immigration fraud when she appeared for an interview with her husband to obtain a green card even though the couple had already separated. Our client had since divorced this person and re-married and had a child. She was also pregnant with the couple’s second child. In order for her to obtain her green card through this marriage, the Immigration Judge in Miami required a fraud waiver, also known as an I-601 waiver where we were required to show extreme hardship to her current husband and that our client deserved a favorable act of discretion. After a merits hearing in which both she and her husband testified, the Immigration Judge granted the waiver and adjustment of status and the Government attorney waived appeal.
  • We represented a man at the Krome Detention Center who was facing deportation for two cocaine possession convictions and for more than 15 arrests for domestic violence in New Jersey. Each of these domestic violence arrests were subsequently dismissed and all involved the same person who constantly called the police on our client. After a lengthy hearing, the Immigration Judge granted Cancellation of Removal for our client and he will retain his green card and be released from custody.
  • We represented a woman who was accused in Miami-Dade for practicing dentistry without a license. She was facing five years in State prison if convicted. After taking depositions of all witnesses and proceeding to trial, we secured a not guilty verdict in a bench trial before Miami-Dade Judge Nushin Safie.
  • We represented a gentleman on a Motion to Vacate in Miami-Dade Circuit Court. Our client was convicted of Cultivation of Marijuana with Intent to Distribute and faced deportation. After negotiation with the State Attorney Office ASA, the plea, judgment and sentence was vacated, our client was allowed to submit a new plea to drug possession only, enrolled in Drug Court, and all charges will be dismissed after completion of the diversion program.
  • At the Krome Detention Center, we secured bond and release for a Bangladeshi flight school student who fell out of status. We convinced the Immigration Judge that the client was not a flight risk or danger to the community and that he would most probably be reinstated as an international student once released
  • Our client, a native of England, came to the United States over 12 years ago on the visa waiver program. He started a very successful business here but was detained during a traffic stop. Our client was in custody at the Krome Detention Center and was scheduled to be deported to England for violation of the Visa Waiver Program. We challenged the deportation in Federal District Court due to the fact that DHS could not produce the waiver that our client allegedly signed giving up all rights to contest removal. The DHS could not produce this document and, after we filed our federal action, released our client and he will now be able to challenge his removal before an Immigration Judge.

We are extremely happy to have obtained these results for our clients this week.

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