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Approvals for Asylum Requests Plummet in Miami

Asylum in Miami

Seeking Asylum in Miami

Immigrants seeking asylum in Miami should be aware that the city is widely regarded as one of the places in which it is most difficult to succeed in these efforts. According to data compiled and released by the Executive Office of Immigration Review, both the Krome Service Processing Center located in southwest Miami-Dade County and the Miami Immigration Court have a denial rate of more than 91 percent for applications for asylum in Miami. This represents a serious problem for individuals and families fleeing unsafe conditions in their home countries to seek a new life in the United States.

Trump Policies to Blame

The changes in approval rates for asylum seekers in Miami can be attributed directly to policies put in place by the Trump administration. Some of the most important changes affecting approval of asylum include the following:

  • Women are no longer allowed to claim asylum based on most domestic violence issues.
  • Victims of Central American gangs are also not eligible for most relief under the current asylum regulations.
  • Those fleeing Venezuelan armed paramilitary groups are also not generally granted asylum under the new rules and guidelines.

Combined with added pressure on judges to deny most applications for immigration or asylum, these factors have served to reduce the number of approvals for asylum applications to an extreme degree.

Seeking Legal Representation for Asylum in Miami

If you are applying for asylum in Miami, consulting with a knowledgeable attorney is generally your best bet to navigate the new rules and to give yourself the best chance of success. An experienced Miami immigration lawyer can help you document your case and support your application with the most practical legal actions possible. This will help you and your family to manage your immigration issues quickly and effectively and to ensure the best possible outcomes for your case in Miami and all of the surrounding communities.

Choosing a Miami immigration lawyer from the team at Pozo Goldstein will give you and your family access to the knowledge and in-depth experience of our legal professionals. We have two former immigration prosecutors and a former judge as part of our legal team, which provides us with a wealth of knowledge that we can put to work on your behalf. Give us a call today at 305-856-0400 to schedule a consultation with a Miami immigration lawyer in our office. At Pozo Goldstein, we are here to serve you.

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