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U.S. Citizenship
The attorneys in Pozo Goldstein, LLP’s Atlanta office successfully assisted a client in obtaining a green card while his United States Citizen wife was detained serving a criminal sentence. The client came to us for help after receiving a denial on his first filing because his wife could not be present at the interview. We...
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Our client applied for United States citizenship. He was involved in an incident as a young man in the 1980’s that resulted in a conviction for armed robbery. Because the case was so old it was difficult to obtain the records but they were eventually located. Despite this conviction, we were able to convince the...
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Several years ago, a gentleman from Spain came for a free consultation to our Miami office to discuss the denial of his naturalization application. At that time we were unable to help him. He had been untruthful at his citizenship interview and was denied due to lack of Good Moral Character. We explained that he...
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Our client, originally was a lawful permanent resident for many years, however several years back she had a felony arrest and conviction for money laundering and transportation of money in excess of $20,000.00 into the United States without reporting it. Since the time her criminal case had ended, more than five years ago, she had...
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