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Migrant Kids
The Trump administration made an announcement on June 5, 2019, that will have a lasting impact on the prospects of children currently detained in immigration detention centers across the United States. The announcement indicated that the federal government will drastically reduce the amount of funding for these detention centers, eliminating the ability of migrant kids...
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no-match letter
No-Match Letter Issues and Immigration The latest development in the Trump administration’s ongoing anti-immigrant policy may be coming from the Social Security Administration (SSA) as a no-match letter, which is currently reviving its once-defunct policy of sending out no-match letters to employers when the Social Security number (SSN) provided by an employee does not match...
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Miami Immigration Attorneys
Miami Immigration Attorneys A new initiative announced by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) will provide added help for immigrants in tracking the progress of their applications and cases without requiring them to schedule an in-office appointment. This will streamline the process for many of these individuals and will allow them to receive prompt answers...
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A study conducted by the Wharton School found that unintended side effects of the Trump immigration plan, also known as the RAISE Act, could potentially cause 4.6 million jobs to disappear by the year 2040. The RAISE Act proposes to reduce legal immigration to the United States by about half in the next 10 years....
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President Trump ran on campaign promises to curb illegal immigration. So far he has followed through on those promises. Whether you agree with the new policies or not, they are happening. The latest development in the administration’s fight against illegal immigration is reassigning judges. While the plan isn’t yet official, they are working on it...
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Recognized for Excellence​ We have great news! According to Feedspot, our Immigration Blog is one of the Top 60 Immigration Blogs online. Feedspot is a site that helps users easily find relevant information and blogs on many subjects. We try hard to bring you up to date articles and news, and Feedspot recognized our blog’s...
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Last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested 41 foreign nationals in the five boroughs of New York and surrounding areas. The targets of these arrests were designated as criminal aliens, immigration fugitives, and those who re-entered after having been physically deported from the United States. Of the 41 arrested, 38 had some form...
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On July 14th, the Homeland Security Secretary issued a proposed expansion of the provisional waiver for unlawful presence rule. This will be published in the Federal Register for publication and comments. The proposal suggests two changes to the current provisional waiver regulation. First, the proposed rule seeks to expand the provisional waiver to all that...
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The first wave of immigration into the United States occurred as far back as the 1880s to the 1920s. This wave of immigrants was by fueled turmoil, poverty and war in Europe and aided by the creation of Ellis Island in New York’s Liberty Harbor. The second wave, which began in the 1970s are mostly...
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On May 2, 2014, Florida legislature voted and passed House Bill 851 (HB 851) with 26 votes in favor in the Senate and 84 votes in favor in the Florida House. This bill extends access for undocumented immigrants to attend college if they reside in the state of Florida and have graduated from a local...
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