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Immigration Discussion
Opposition from Republicans seems to be growing for the immigration enforcement bill proposed in Florida, with one state senator saying it was created for “racist reasons.” According to Think Progress, there is an absence of widespread Republican support for Arizona SB 1070-type bills. Even former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who has expressed concern in the...
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This week, a three-hour briefing took place for the sole purpose of introducing the new lawmakers that have taken office with the current complex U.S. immigration laws. One of the main discussion points were centered on the new bills that have been proposed by the new GOP (Republican) leaders who favor a tougher stance against...
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The public reaction from the immigration bill introduced in Florida on behalf of state representative William Snyder (R-Stuart) has been anything but acquiescent. Despite the backlash, Rep. Snyder- current chair of the House Judiciary Committee- has been unswerving in his intent to push the bill forward even while there are justifiable claims that point out...
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As the year quickly draws to a close and we prepare to spend the holidays with our loved ones, we reflect in awe at the year that was. For all of the roller coaster-worthy twists and multiple turns it brought with it, saying that 2010 was an eventful year would be an understatement. All we...
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In an age where bombs can be detonated from an unprecedented distance with the mere push of a button, and where a computer has the ability to wreak the kind of havoc that resonates around the world; those whose duties it is to maintain the peace and order of a country are expected to be...
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