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Maryland Passes DREAM Act

On Tuesday evening the Presidential election was not the only thing to be decided, throughout out the nation people everywhere were voting for state amendments and referendums. In Maryland, the citizens of the state voted for their version of the Dream Act to stand, thereby allowing the undocumented students of the state to pay in-state tuition. With a 58 to 42 split, voters rejected the efforts made to overturn the Dream Act legislation that was passed last year.

“This is a wise investment. It’s not just good for kids, but it’s also good from an economic standpoint,” said Kristin Ford, the communications director for Educating Maryland Kids. This measure is expected to impact an average of 435 students in each class, and even though it is predicted to cost the state $3.5 million by 2016, it is an investment that will earn the state a lot more money in tax revenue considering these individuals will ultimately go to make more money than if they had not attained higher education. It is really not surprising that the people of Maryland voted in favor of this measure given the array of benefits it is bound to bring the state and its population.

While opponents went to far lengths to underscore the fact that the law would cost tax payers a hefty penny, the cost of this is really puny in comparison to the other items on the state’s budget, and unlike many others, this measure will actually have a great impact in the socio-economic future of the state. Kristin Ford explained that the measure really sold itself, all it took was for people to really understand what exactly it was about. “The key to the campaign was educating voters. Once people understood the measure they tended to support it, but it was important to emphasize that it wasn’t a handout or a special scholarship.” We are proud that this state has the courage and will power to put forth such a measure that is so beneficial to its population who will surely reap its rewards for generations to come.

We anxiously hope that Florida will one day step up to the plate and come up with a progressive measure of its own.

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