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Mobile Fingerprinting Used by ICE to Increase Deportations

Miami deportations

One of the most important tools currently in use by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a mobile fingerprinting application called EDDIE that pairs with fingerprint readers to collect data on suspected undocumented immigrants. If a match is found in databases maintained by the Department of Homeland Security and by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the individual may be detained and even deported without access to legal support or due process. It is not known how many Miami deportations resulted from the use of these devices and the EDDIE app. For many Miami residents, finding the right legal help is essential to prevent abuses and overreaching activities by ICE and other federal immigration authorities.

A Lawsuit Filed Under the Freedom of Information Act

The National Immigration Project of the National Lawyers Guild filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in conjunction with immigrant rights group Mijente. The lawsuit seeks information on the collection and use of biometric data collected using mobile fingerprinting by ICE. While immigrants do have the constitutional right to refuse mobile fingerprinting when it is requested by ICE agents, many of these individuals do not know this right. Additionally, because ICE agents and other federal immigration officials have demonstrated a willingness to mislead immigrants by identifying themselves only as police or by using scare tactics to enforce compliance, some immigrants may have felt pressured to allow the use of EDDIE to collect protected biometric data from them even when they were not under arrest.

Protecting Your Legal Rights

Working with a qualified attorney is a good first step toward reducing the number of Miami deportations resulting from the use of EDDIE and other aggressive tactics. Your Miami immigration lawyer can assist you with correcting your immigration status and with going through the process necessary to become a legal permanent resident of the United States. This can provide you with added peace of mind and increased options when dealing with ICE and other federal immigration agencies.

If you need a qualified and knowledgeable Miami immigration lawyer, Pozo Goldstein offers expert representation for you and your family members. With a former judge and two former immigration prosecutors on our team, we can deliver the best and most practical solutions for you in avoiding Miami deportations and dealing with your immigration issues effectively. Give us a call today at 305-856-0400 to request an initial consultation with our team. We are here to help you protect your own American dream.

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