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National ID Card / E Verify

There are indications from unnamed sources that the idea of a national ID card is being scrapped because it would be too costly and difficult to manage. There have been several lawmakers in the past who have advocated for the national ID cards and much debate followed, including opposition from civil rights groups. Whjile there is not a definitive answer on whether the national ID card ideal will be included in any new legislation, signs are pointing to no.

As part of the immigration reform will focus on employers hiring only those permitted to legally work in the United States, it is likely the government will resort to using a system called E-Verify. While E-verify is voluntary now, it is more than certain to become mandatory nationally as both the President and lawmakers agree that the system needs to be improved.

The issue is that if immigration reform results in millions of undocumented immigrants becoming eligible to legally work in the U.S., then there will need to be checks and balances so that employers are required to verify work eligibility. This happened in the 1980’s when President Reagan signed an immigration reform law which legalized nearly 3 million people but there was no mechanism in place to monitor work authorization.

A proposed comprehensive immigration reform bill is expected to be introduced in the coming weeks if not sooner.

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