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President Obama defends his stance on immigration in a CBS television interview this week

The President continued to proceed with his plan to make some changes in regards to undocumented individuals present in the country. President Obama criticized Speaker of the House of Representatives, John Boehner for refusing to take up a bipartisan immigration reform bill that was presented by the United States Senate. The President stated that he had warned Speaker Boehner that if he would not be able to have a comprehensive immigration reform bill passed by the end of the year, that he would take matters into his own hands on the issue.

President Obama reiterated the sentiment which is pervading the country as a whole; the current immigration system is not working. He said that the problems are severe and must be fixed. The President further said that the country has been talking about fixing the immigration system for many years and yet nothing has been done.

One of the problems remain at the southwest border of the United States that are often not secured to the illegal passage into the country from Mexico. Another issue is that the current immigration system is not efficient and needs to be revamped. Yet another problem is what to do with the millions of people, present in the United States, who are here without immigration status.

According to the President, the way the present immigration system is operating, is dangerous because innocent people, without a criminal history and who may have family ties in the United States are being removed or deported. On the other hand, he mentioned that criminal aliens, including aggravated felons, with violent arrest histories, are present in the United States, are being allowed to remain in the United States and may continue to pose a threat to society.

The President, in his statements, insisted that he was not warning the Republican Party that he was trying to circumvent the law. Instead, he stated that he is waiting for a bill to be presented to him that deals with the immigration reform issue. He insisted that he would immediately sign such a bill and that it would take precedent over any temporary action that he institutes. The President stated that if an immigration reform bill would be passed, he would be extremely pleased, since such a bill would be a more permanent solution to the problem, rather than a temporary fix.

Republican Senator John Barrasso, stated on Friday that members of the Congress have warned the President that any action he takes on immigration reform would be “toxic” and would hurt any future hope of bipartisan cooperation on the subject.

What remains to be seen is how the immigration reform will play out from now until the end of the year and if the President will in fact take action, if a bipartisan bill is not passed.

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