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Why You Need a Miami H1B Lawyer

Miami H1B lawyer

H1B visas are designed to allow skilled and specialty workers to enter the United States to work here on a temporary basis. In general, H1B visas are issued for three years and can be extended to allow visa holders to remain in the United States for a total of six years. Working with an experienced Miami immigration lawyer is a solid step in the right direction for many individuals who are seeking H1B status in our area. Your Miami H1B lawyer can streamline the process of applying for these visas and can provide you with valuable support in navigating the immigration system successfully.

Do You Need a Miami H1B Lawyer?

An immigration attorney can provide you with professional assistance in dealing with issues related to your H1B visa application. Some of the services offered by your Miami immigration lawyer may include the following:

  • Delivering accurate information on your chances of being selected in the visa lottery
  • Providing the right guidance on timelines and processes for H1B visas
  • Researching prevailing wages for the specific job being offered
  • Completing all required paperwork and filing it with U.S. Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) in a timely fashion
  • Responding to requests and inquiries from USCIS

These services can provide the added support you need to manage your H1B visa application and to achieve greater success in your immigration efforts. In most cases, retaining the legal services of an experienced attorney will pay off in improved chances for approval and the help you need to navigate all phases of the process. Your prospective employer may be willing to pay for a Miami immigration lawyer on your behalf. Even if you must pay for these services on your own, however, they are usually well worth the added expense and can improve the chances of success for your application.

If you need the legal services of a qualified Miami H1B lawyer, Pozo Goldstein can provide you with professional assistance in navigating the visa application process and in dealing with the paperwork involved in this process. Our Miami immigration team has the experience and the proven knowledge needed to help you achieve your goals of living and working in the United States. To learn more about the services we offer or to schedule a consultation with our team, give us a call today at 305-856-0400. We look forward to the chance to help you protect and pursue your own version of the American dream.

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