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Immigrant Job Creator Faces Deportation

Asaf Darash, an Israeli citizen, started a software company in San Francisco called Regpack. The company has hired about 15 people so far. Despite this he is faced with deportation from the United States. The issue is that there is no such thing as an entrepreneur visa so he is forced to try and fit his situation into one of the visa categories that will allow him to legally remain in this country and continue running his growing business.

He could try and apply for an H1B visa but that requires that he actually be an employee of his company which would mean he would have to be “fired” as a director or owner and hired as an employee. Another option is the E-2 treaty investor visa, which he is attempting to secure.

This is a situation where our immigration system may force a successful company to leave the United States and set up shop in another country at a time when our Government is trying to entice companies to remain here to contribute to our economy.

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